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Instructor Chuck Schumacher             615-406-5269                   Franklin Tennessee


Mechanics Coaching

Learn the correct hitting mechanics at a young age to avoid picking up bad habits. If you practice the wrong things, you will get good at the wrong things.  Whether your goal is to play purely for recreation or to play on a highly competitive level, knowing the correct way to hit a ball will increase your chances of success & make the game a lot more fun. But knowing is not enough. We must apply. In order to apply the correct mechanics consistently, you must prepare. Proper preparation is the key to success and must be practiced just like the mechanics. It's what you do before you swing that counts. If preparation is inconsistent, making good contact with the baseball will also be inconsistent.

At Chuck's Gym you will learn the importance of having the discipline to prepare before every swing and to repeat the correct mechanics of the swing until it feels normal. By doing this you will commit these movements to muscle memory. Now, instead of hoping to hit the ball, you will react to each pitch accordingly, giving yourself the best chance for success. You will expect success.